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About Us

ProdSpace is a CRM integrations company.

Enterprise and public sector digital has shifted to being customer/partner centric in the cloud. For most organizations, it is no longer a question whether to migrate to the cloud, but rather how and with which sets of skills and expertise.

ProdSpace is a certified partner and certified minority-owned enterprise.

Reaching advanced KPIs is closer than it ever has been. By architecting your core platform and integrated set of custom or commercial solutions, user experiences will be vastly improved and yield better/faster results as your organization trends innovation forward.


Proven Deliverability.

Vince Cartaya is the founder of Prodspace. With nearly a decade of experience helping teams execute from concept through deployment, a culture of risk sharing and trust building has emerged as ProdSpace DNA. After years building relationships in the eco-system, a significant network of like-minded and dedicated professionals have emerged as trusted ProdSpacers.

Vince has worked in different companies as Burger King Corporation, CareCloud, Axxis Solutions, and European Wax Center. He holds a Masters Degree from Florida International University in Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from Northwestern University. He is also triple certified by and is listed as one of the top international consultants by

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