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We are ProdSpace.

ProdSpace is the result of vibrant working relationships formed while delivering great work as teams; over time. Each successful project has propelled us forward to the next, and we have added members to this team throughout such as the professionals below and more!

Salesforce is a vast ecosystem that often requires strengths in different areas from project to project. From standard admin settings to REST API connectivity, ProdSpace has built lasting relationships with experts that have the right combination of skills needed to execute based on each client's needs and strategic vision.

Vince Cartaya

Salesforce Architect

Design lead 3X Salesforce Certified w/ over 100 projects delivered since 2016


Santiago Ceron

Sr. Salesforce Admin

Experienced Salesforce Admin and Apex Developer working with ProdSpace since 2018


Abhi Singh

Sr. Solutions Engineer

Technical / Business Consultant &

Engineering / Delivery Lead


Sanjul Bhatia

Salesforce Developer

Certified salesforce Developer I w/ coding & configuration expertise


Shubham Sharma

Sr. Integrations Architect

Backend-to-UI lead with extensive XML/REST  delivery at ProdSpace since 2017


Tiffany Villanueva

Project Manager

Project Lead with over 5 years of successful Cloud Services Project Leadership


Cindy Fuentes

Account Services

Technology focused professional in Cloud & Hardware Account relationship management


Ajay Dubey

Sr. Platform Developer

Front End & Integrations Developer w/ years of successful delivery at ProdSpace


Pranav Bhardwaj

Sr. Platform Developer III

Integrations & workflow engineer with over 3 years of successful delivery at ProdSpace


Tom John

IT Leadership

Former CIO customer turned strategic consulting partner, enterprise SFDC & more

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